Are you a golf fanatic? Do you follow Tiger Woods next tournament schedule and go to see him in person? And because of that, you love to play the golf by yourself. And love to compete with others for simple golf games just for practice and fun. Being a golf fan or any other games that you love you cannot help yourself but love the game itself. So, if you have any plan to play golf here are a few tips or reminder that most new golfers are making.

No Warming Up Properly

Though other people say that there is no need to exercise in gold, you need to understand that it is still a sport. No matter how calm and that you should warm up before playing. Playing golf still puts a lot of strain on various muscles and you can end up in pain because you failed to warm up.

Not Checking your Equipment Before Playing

As you start playing, you regularly have to check your equipment. Other equipment may be broken that need repair or replace, or you may lose some of it. Other players carry their equipment in their trunks constantly but there are cases where you could have left it in your home. Or maybe your kids moved it from its usual spot you forgot to bring it.

Using the Wrong Ball

Some cases where you can use the wrong ball entirely. For example, if you are a high-handicapper and a beginner, you can lose a lot of balls along the way. Because you will need a ball that offers distance. And a strong one over a regular one that will offer you more distance over control.

Failing to Redo your Grooves on the golf

A beginner golfer often finds themselves frustrated with this mistake when they hit the ball and they see it race through the grass without any spin.

Lack of Etiquette

The basic mistakes beginner make is portraying a lack of etiquette. it is important to have manner on the golf course so should definitely be nice to everyone and behave. Maximum of five minutes that you spend when looking for a ball, allow the faster groups play before you, play at a decent speed and so on.


So you can now start playing golf without mistake and for your gear, you can visit the internet for shopping a women’s golf club sets online.

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